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Birthdate:Mar 11
Location:Florida, United States of America
Website:QI Transcripts
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a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, a little princess, all of me, amadeus, ancient greek, bantering on livejournal, being eclectic, being elitist, being mysterious, being shocking, body pillows, bras that fit correctly, breaking out into random song, browsing teh intarweb, building e-fame, carbohydrates, charly, christian apokatastasis, cookie-scented candles, creating elaborate fantasies that won't come true, discovering coincidences, doctor who, doing snarky things and not getting caught, donald in mathmagic land, douglas adams, dr. strangelove, dreams, england, english television and radio, failing to accomplish my own goals, frank sinatra, galaxy quest, getting angry at people who throw away plastic, graham norton, grammar nazi-ing, harry potter, herman's hermits, house md, hummus with water crackers, j.k. rowling, just a minute, laughing at jokes that only i understand, life on mars, listing things, losing my glasses, losing my keys, losing my mind over schoolwork, losing sleep, macintosh computers, making unnecessary trips to london, musing, my puppy pippin, nail cutters, non-elastic panties that don't cause blistering, oldies music, penguins, piano, publix sweetened iced tea, qi, reading, red dwarf, root beer, seals and crofts, setting my own goals, singin' in the rain, skipping lectures, socks, speaking multiple languages in one sentence, spice world, star trek, star trek ii: the wrath of khan, stephen fry, taking classes unrelated to my major, talking to myself in foreign accents, tap dancing, the beatles, the birdcage, the bonzo dog band, the fratellis, the history boys, the legend of zelda, the manhattan transfer, the miracle worker, the producers, the usage of proper spelling and grammar online, top gear, transcribing qi, travel, vladimir nabokov, whose line is it anyway, writing, zoom-zooming on my vespa
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